• Are there any cautions for storage?
    • Normal environmental condition should be no problem. Please contact us in case of high-temperature and high-humidity.
    • Is the self-diagnostic function available?
    • Initial diagnostic and continuous diagnostic are possible.
    • Is there a dedicated data logger?
    • No, there isn’t. However the data can be acquired by using dedicated software connected through RS232C.
    • Can the products be exported?
    • Please contact us. We will ask you the application, destination etc.
    • How the battery and power perform in case of voltage fluctuation, outage or momentary stop?
    • The sensor restarts and the initial warming up is performed.
    • What is the communicable distance and battery duration time of wire-less IMU.
    • Our wire-less IMU is compatible with Bluetooth. The communicable distance is 10m. Approx. 50 minutes of measurement is possible by a charging.
    • Which kinds of noise are supposed?
    • Power supply noise, white noise, electrical noise and noise resulting from external vibration are supposed.
    • Can the data format be changed if we specify it?
    • Customization is available. Please contact us.
    • Can the dynamic range (Gyro, accelerometer) be expanded?
    • Yes, it can. Please contact us.
    • Dose the product contain a toxic substance?
    • No toxic substance is used.
    • Many other small and one-package IMUs are commercially available. What is the difference?
    • Almost all products of competitors are just a combination of 3-axis accelerometer and gyros and output only acceleration and angler velocity. Our IMU can also output attitude angle by using know-how of inertial navigation cultivated in aircraft business.


    • Regarding wireless IMU, it is said that continuous operating time of Bluetooth is 70 minutes. Is the continuous measuring possible for 6 hours during charging from USB connection?
    • Yes, 6-hour continuous measuring is possible with power charge via USB.
    • What are the wire diameter (sq) and terminal processing (With/without connector) of power cable and communication cable?
    • Cable specification depends on the products. Please contact us to have the spec sheet of each product.
    • Is the connector of CAN cable D-SUB 9 pin male? What is the connector of power cable?
    • Both cables have no connectors.
    • Is it acceptable to fix the sensor unit with magnet?
    • We are not sure but we recommend you to fix it with screws. Please do a performance test before using magnet.
    • Is there thermal sensor inside of the unit?
    • Yes, it is mounted on the circuit board.

Software and Data Output

    • Is there any way to decrease the drift when we need to output running data of a vehicle etc.
    • In case of a vehicle, acceleration during speed-up and slow-down is canceled by using vehicle speed data, and error of attitude angle can be decreased.
    • What is the method for azimuth correction?
    • The error can be minimized by inputting off set cancel signal in a stationary state.
    • How we can weaken the effects of acceleration, deceleration and behavior?
    • These effects can be reduced by “pure inertial calculation (calculation using only gyro signal)” which makes the specific gravity of acceleration/deceleration small. However the error will expand with long term use being influenced by drift of gyro.
    • Can we have a dead zoon and cancel the severe behavior?
    • Customized products will be available. Please contact us.
    • What we can do with external command?
    • It changes output rate via RS232C connection.
    • It is said that data collection is made by dedicated software. Can we output the measured data as CSV file?
    • The data is recorded by using the software “InsMon”. It is possible to output the data as CSV file. You can download “InsMon” from HEAR.
    • What is Leveling Calculation?
    • The method to calculate attitude angle (Roll and pitch) by using accelerometer at low frequency area and gyro at high frequency area to compensate for shortcomings of each sensor.
    • Comparing the calculation of attitude angle only by accelerometer to the same calculation by inertial measurement unit (accelerometer and gyro), what kind of difference in accuracy will be made?
    • In case of the inertial measurement unit, we basically use integrated value of gyro for dynamic change of attitude angle and accelerometer is used for static change of attitude angle. The advantage in using integrated value of gyro is to be unaffected by acceleration components which are produced by dynamic motion.
    • How much is the additional cost to switch to “pure inertial mode (place great importance on gyro signal)”?
    • Since the switching to “pure inertial mode” requires rewriting of leveling time constant and operation check, it is necessary to send us back the unit.
      Regarding the cost for switching work, please contact us.
    • Is it possible to have the operation which corrects the acceleration of vehicle by inputting vehicle information?
    • The method by command input is originally implemented. Please refer to the instruction manual.
    • Is the actual surface angle not indicated by leveling during the steady turning with a bank because IMU considers the bank angle as horizontal? Is there a countermeasure?
    • We assume that bank angle will be detected as inclination angle to the horizon.
    • Can you change the specification of detection range to +/- 2 deg. and accuracy to 0.01 deg. without changing the normal attitude error?
    • No, such specification change is not possible. The accuracy is not changed even if the detection range is reduced.
    • Do we need to input initial value?
    • No.
    • How long is the stabilization time for calibration before use?
    • The calibration is supposed to be made within 5 seconds.
    • Is it true that sensor output of pitch and roll angle is not changed even during acceleration, deceleration and turn in case there is no change in attitude of the sensor?
    • No, it changes. Since the attitude angle is calculated based on the gravitational acceleration, the error occurs under the influence of acceleration components other than gravitational acceleration during sudden turn, acceleration and deceleration.
      There is some method to decrease the error but it is not possible to completely remove it.
    • What is the accuracy of position or angle?
    • Static angle accuracy is:
      - Roll and pitch: 0.5 deg rms (at room temperature, after warm-up)
      - Yaw: 0.02 deg/s rms (within 5 minutes after offset cancel)
      The position error is not specified because it becomes big when the IMU independently used and is different depending on the operating condition.

Data Transmission

    • Can we use the conversion cable from RS232C to USB for PC connection?
    • Yes, you can use the cable you have and we can also prepare the cable (Need extra charge).
    • Is it possible to change the baud rate?
    • The baud rate can be changed by sending the following command:
      Please restart after sending the command.
      - $TSC, COM, 115200, 8, NO, 1*26 (Change to 115.2 kbps)
      - $TSC, COM, 57600, 8, NO, 1*15 (Change to 57.6 kbps)
      The baud rate can be decreased by the command above but 200Hz communication becomes unavailable. In case of 57.6 kbps, 100Hz is the maximum.

CAN Communication

    • Is the CAN ID changeable? What is the standard CAN ID?
    • Yes, you can change the CAN ID by referring to the instruction manual. We also can change the CAN ID if you contact us in advance. The standard CAN ID is 0 x 319 to 0 x 31E.
    • Is the ON/OFF switching of terminator possible?
    • For AU7595 and TAG264 series, ON/OFF can be switched by mounting or unmounting of jumper pin on the circuit board.
      Regarding AU7554 and TAG250 series, please return the product back to us because the mounting or unmounting of fixed resistance on the circuit board is necessary. Please also contact us for the cost estimation
    • Do the products have compatibility with CAN extended format?
    • Yes, they have.
    • Can we set the CAN ID, CAN baud rate and data frame from a PC?
    • CAN baud rate and output frequency can be set from PC (Please refer to the instruction manual) but CAN ID and data frame cannot be set from PC.
    • Regarding the CAN communication, the connection between ECU, IMU and data logger branching CAN H and CAN L is available?
    • We suppose there is theoretically no problem. Please make sure the wiring specification such as terminator etc.
    • Can we change the CAN output of IMU from standard format to extended format?
    • Yes, but extra cost will be needed. Please contact us for the detail.