FOG & MEMS combined IMU TAG350 series

FOG & MEMS combined IMU incorporates 3-axis gyro (i-FOG for Z axis, MEMS gyro for X and Y axis) and accelerometers, which which measure angular velocity and acceleration. In addition, attitude (roll & pitch) and heading (yaw) is calculated. An external GNSS module is connected to IMU; with position and speed data, IMU can be used as GNSS / INS / VS navigation.

Interference type fiber optic gyro

A high-precision [0.1°/h] gyro that achieves the accuracy required for fully automated driving technology in automobiles. The features are introduced in an easy-to-understand manner and the video includes footage of our tests for auto position estimation with an automobile equipped with due north detection and i-FOG, which can only be achieved with our high accuracy.

Tamagawa sensors supporting IoT internetworking technology

In the IoT world where things are respectively connected with network, we need to detect the state of a subject or its surroundings and communicate the numerical information. Our sensors (MEMS gyro etc.) support IoT technology. This movie shows how our sensor plays an important role for IoT through the example of pick-up robot.