FOG & MEMS combined IMU

FOG & MEMS combined IMU incorporates 3-axis gyro (i-FOG for Z axis, MEMS gyro for X and Y axis) and accelerometers, which measure angular velocity and acceleration. In addition, attitude (roll & pitch) and heading (yaw) is calculated. An external GNSS module is connected to IMU; with position and speed data, IMU can be used as GNSS / INS / VS navigation.
The IP65 waterproof type has been newly added to the lineup.


New Synergy created in combination with MEMS & FOG

The accuracy of Gyroscope is classified by principle of operation.
The customer needs to choose the suitable gyroscope depending on its application or environment.
FOG & MEMS combined IMU is anewly developed IMU with the concept of filling in the gap of cost and accuracy by combining MEMS gyro and FOG(optical fiber gyro).







FOG & MEMS combined IMU

What is GNSS/INS/VS navigation?

In GNSS-denied environment such as tunnel, or under multipath propagation caused by buildings, the accuracy of GNSS is deteriorated. FOG / MEMS IMU realizes a precise dead reckoning by GNSS, inertial sensor (INS) and vehicle speed (VS) combined navigation.

FOG & MEMS combined IMU TAG350 series

Introduction to a new inertial measurement unit TAG350, which is a fiber optic gyroscope and MEMS-IMU combined sensor.

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Item Specifications
Type / Part Number TAG350N2□00 NEWTAG352N2□00
Operation Mode GNSS/INS/VS
Size 85×85×78.5mm 160×100×85mm
(Waterproof IP65)
Mass 600g Max 1500g Max
Power Supply Voltage 9V~28V DC
Communication Interface RS232/CAN
Output Data
  • Acceleration (X,Y,Z)
  • Angular velocity(X,Y,Z)
  • Attitude angle (Roll,Pitch,Yaw)
  • GNSS : Latitude, Longitude,
  • GNSS velocity (GNSS module connection is required)
Angular Velocity ±200 deg/s
Acceleration ±3G / ±6G
Angular Velocity Bias Z-axis:0.1 deg/h rms
XY-axis:0.2 deg/s rms
Acceleration Bias 5mG rms
Operating Temp. Range -20 ~60℃
Bandwidth 20Hz
Output Cycle RS232C:50Hz
Accessory (Sold separately)Communication cable : Type / Part Number EU8953N1001 (Sold separately)Communication cable : Type / Part Number EU8971N1001